• Panther Pride Qualifications

    As the Pioneer Panthers, one of our goals is to develop school pride and recognize students for  making appropriate choices. By demonstrating good citizenship and attendance, and having responsible attitudes, 3rd - 5th grade students can earn a place in the Panther Pride Club each trimester.

    Panther Pride criteria (Trimester Guidelines):

    • No discipline referrals during current trimester

    • Must have all “consistently” marks and/or no more than 2 “most of the time” on their work habits on the report card for the trimester in the following areas: Accepts responsibility for own behavior, Follows Directions, Respects other’s rights/feelings/ property, Uses time effectively, and Completes and returns homework.

    • No more than 4 Clip Chart Points (e. ending on pink or purple).

    • Any new student must have been enrolled by the beginning date of the progress reports.

    • No more than 2 combined attendance marks during the current trimester in the following categories (excused or unexcused):

             * Absences

             * Tardies

             * Early Sign-outs

    Please Note:  Students on IEPs will be considered meeting the above criteria for Citizenship if they are making progress towards meeting their individual IEP goals.