• Clip Chart       
    The clip chart class management system is meant to help students learn to moderate their own behavior. Students will start on Green each day.
    • Clip charts are used to recognize behavior choices
    • Good and poor choices result in a clip up or down
    • Students will be given the opportunity to clip back up during the day
    • Clip downs are not used for study skill issues (i.e. lost paper/missing book)
    • Parent contacts will be made when clipping down becomes a pattern
    • Parent contacts are encouraged for students who make good choices regularly
    • Trimester reward trips will be affected in the following way ­- students that end ​on purple or below earn a point
    • After 5 points in the trimester, the student is disqualified from attending the reward trip
    All students begin each day in the middle of the chart at “Ready to Learn”. Students move their clothespin up or down during the day depending on their choices. Here is a model of the Clip Chart and what each space on the chart indicates: 
    Outstanding Choice!
    If students move their clip to red they can add a special decoration to their clip!
    Great Choice!
    Students move to orange for making good choices. The class congratulates the student.
    Good Choice!
    Students move to yellow for making good choices. The class congratulates the student.
    Ready to Learn
    All students begin the day on green. They will move up or down during the day depending on the choices they make.
    Think About It
    Students move to blue as a reminder that they need to follow the classroom rules.
    Teacher Choice
    When students move to purple they take a break from the group or other time out until they demonstrate they are ready to learn.
    Parent Contact
    Students who move to pink will receive a phone call from teacher to parent. Depending on the circumstance a pink slip may be issued.